The greatest challenge for a painter is to depict on a flat surface the dimensions of what he perceives with the whole being, even the abstract qualities which can only be felt with the heart.

Artist statement

Painting is a fascinating undertaking that I carry out with dedication and great pleasure. I endeavour to represent a synthesis of what I see with all its subtleties in a captivating picture. I prefer to paint from life with a sight-size approach, painting what I see the same size I see it. 

My paintings are carefully planned and executed. Each element in the picture is harmoniously arranged, like musical notes of a visual symphony. The outcome of this wonderful process is a masterpiece that plays a singular tune, a picture in which beauty, mystery and drama are delicately intertwined.

Whatever I paint, painting it with taste is my ultimate goal. A skilful execution without taste would be incomplete. Taste must be present in every brush stroke. It must be nurtured in everything we do until it becomes natural because when skill and taste naturally agree, talent blossoms.

I like to include allegoric elements which relate to the sitter's personality and background. For example, I love working with themes connected to the colourful Scottish culture and its traditions. For me, every painting tells a story. Instead of capturing a moment, my portraits create that moment and become a visual analogy of a person’s life.

For commissioned work I consider the thoughts and desires of my clients, guiding them through an exciting journey. In this way painting becomes a joint venture between artist and patron where both can unleash their creativity. If you are thinking to commission a portrait, please contact me. It could be your masterpiece I am working on next.