The greatest challenge for a painter is to depict the subtle qualities that he sees and even those that he senses. Therefore, whenever possible I paint from life, because the fabric of life offers a full range of sensations which are difficult to replicate by other means.

Artist statement

Painting is a fascinating undertaking that I carry out with dedication and great pleasure. I endeavour to represent what I see in a captivating and tasteful way. A skilful execution without taste would be incomplete. Taste must be considered with every brush stroke; it must be nurtured in everything one does until it becomes natural, because where skill and taste meet, talent blossoms.

Therefore, I plan my paintings carefully for each element in the composition to be harmoniously arranged, like the musical notes of a visual symphony. The outcome of this wonderful process is a piece that plays a singular tune, a picture in which beauty, mystery and drama are delicately intertwined.

I like to include allegoric elements which relate to my sitter. For example, I love working with heraldry and themes connected to the culture and history of my sitter. Thus, my portraits should give the viewer a glimpse into a moment in the life a person.

For commissioned work I consider the thoughts and desires of my clients, guiding them through an exciting journey. In this way painting becomes a joint venture between artist and patron where both can unleash their creativity.