I grew up in Argentina, the land of tango, wine and beef. My family comes from the beautiful Piedmont in Northern Italy. Interestingly, we can trace the history of our family back to Scotland, where I established my home as I married a lovely Scottish lady. I studied in Rome, the Eternal City, and I like to think that I have inherited some of that tremendous sensitivity for art and passion for life that the Italians have. 

My family encouraged me to draw and paint from my early childhood. My great-grandfather was a painter and my grandfather was a painter, sculptor and a professor of art history. Aunts and uncles who are artists and designers also contributed to my artistic development.

During my youth I received private tuition on drawing and oil painting. Later, I studied graphic arts at college and I complemented this with a course on painting conservation. Fine arts offer a rewarding journey of endless learning in which I feel especially inspired by the work of the Old Masters. That is why I am a keen researcher on the theory and practice of classic realist painting. 

Painting has always been a constant in my life but I am also interested in social issues and in making a positive difference in people’s lives. I studied Housing and Regeneration in Edinburgh while working in these fields and for many years my wife and I have volunteered in the local community.

More recently, the modern means of communication have allowed me to reach a wider audience with my artwork.  My paintings now hang in private collections, from family homes to ancient castles, in Europe, the United Kingdom, North and South America.

Please look at my blog for news about my work or articles about fine art and portraiture. I will be delighted to respond to any enquiries and, above all, I do hope you enjoy seeing what I do.

"He that would be a painter must have a natural turn thereto... If a man is to become a really good painter he must be educated from his earliest years."  A. Dürer