Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my first blog and the launching of my website. I hope you like the design. I have tried to keep things fresh and uncluttered. The Gallery is still under construction and it will gradually feature my most recent work as I feel this represents me and what I do best. I would like to thank the following people:

  • Big thanks to Jules Akel (www.julesakel.co.uk), the best graphic designer in the Scottish Highlands. Thank you Jules, for your help and feedback on the website.
  • My deepest gratitude to my family, especially my parents, grandparents and aunts, those who are around and the loved ones who sleep in death, for their constant encouragement and education throughout my life.
  • The biggest and most ardent thanks go to my wife, who is also my administrator, studio assistant, model and the love of my life. Thank you, My Dear, for all the many hours you sacrifice to support me.
  • Thanks to my lovely little son who inspires me every day with the most beautiful smiles. 
  • Finally, and most important of all, I thank God, Jehovah, our Creator (Psalm 83:18) and the maker of all the beauty that exists, things I simply try to capture with my painting the best way I can.

As I continue to paint I will showcase some of my work in progress in this blog. I hope that this will give you some insight on the process I follow. My goal is always to improve as a painter and be able to perceive and represent the uniqueness of the subjects I paint. I enjoy sharing tips, answering questions or hearing constructive criticism, so please get in touch.

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